Connecticut .NET Developers Group

Schedule Update

There will be no meeting held on Tuesday April 17th due to a scheduling conflict.

A Meetings is planed for May 15th so stay tuned.

CTDOTNET is on Meetup!

A Meetup group has been created for CTDOTNET. We hope that using Meetup will simplify the regisration process for our events going forward.

The CTDOTNET Meetup group can found here.

Contact CTDOTNET at events-at-ctdotnet.org

Upcoming Events

DevOps, Containers and Next Generation Microservices

Tuesday November 14, 2017 - 5:30pm - ADNET Technologies, LLC

Dan Stolts will present the what and why of DevOps, micro-services and containers and how these new technologies will change our world and at what pace.